Leaning forward while shooting

by Sandy Keathley
Leaning forward. Choral singers are taught to stand while singing, and to lean forward slightly. Why? And what does this have to do with shooting? Actually, it has everything to do with it.

The reason, in both cases, is to energize the lower body. Leaning forward requires the leg muscles to flex slightly, so you don’t fall down. Not to get too metaphysical here, but this produces an internal energy, which flows up the trunk to the shoulders. Extending the arms, as in shooting, then directs that energy forward. Ideally, you would feel the focal point of that energy in your hands,  complemented by having the focal point of your vision on the front sight.

Sound crazy? Try sitting in a recliner and hitting a paper plate at 15 yards. When part of your body is resting, all of it is. Singers have known this for 200 years.

I nominally use an Isosceles stance, but with the left foot slightly forward, and lean forward on that. I find that gives me an improvement in mental focus, and in shot groups.

Try it.

Author: Sandy Keathley

NRA-Certified Firearms Instructor