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The Complete Gun License Process

Check your eligibility.

Start the application at DPS. This can be done last, but most people do it first.

Note: one thing they ask for is an audit number. That is another long number printed (sometimes vertically) on the driver's license, and is not the same as the license number. Hover over the info icon for information. If you have applied for a new license recently due to an address change, you will not be able to finish this step until the new license comes in, as the audit number will be different.

During the application process (or by email), you will be shown a list of vendors where you can be fingerprinted. It is easier to schedule that at this time than later. Also, look at the Checklist they create for you. Depending on your situation, you may have more than one item to send to Austin.

I have made arrangements for my students to take the classroom training online, from home, with a discount. It is not an interactive class, but a set of videos you watch (4 hrs worth), at your own pace, then take a test. This is authorized by State law, and most instructors have used this process since the pandemic.

You will have to pay them $45.00, discounted from $60.00. Make sure the name you enter matches your DL exactly. You can break up the course over several days. After you finish, you can download a form LTC-101 (DO NOT print this). Please forward that to me. Please try to finish that before the day you shoot. I need an unsigned PDF. Download it (even on a phone), and forward to me. If you are not able to finish the online course before the day you are scheduled to shoot, come and shoot, anyway. There is another form I can give you.

Start the Online Training.   DO NOT try to log in yet.

If you already know how to load and shoot a handgun, skip to STEP 5. If not, you need to do something about that. You can take instruction anywhere you want, but I also teach a very popular 3 hour basic pistol class called "Learn to Shoot" (small classes or private). About 90% of my students finish this course with the necessary skills to pass the Proficiency test for the LTC right away.

Sign up for a basic pistol class (Only if necessary).

In order to complete the qualification, you have to do the range training and Proficiency, which takes an hour. I have range sessions every two to three weeks at my outdoor range SE of Princeton. You can register here: (look for License to Carry)
Sign up for the Proficiency Test.

If, for some reason, you are not able to finish the online course before the range day, come and shoot anyway. There is another form I can give you to allow for that.

After all of this is done, you will be given a Certificate of Training to send to Austin. From that point, there is typically a 2-3 week wait until your License comes in the mail.

Directions to the private range.

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