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Learn to Shoot

Who is this for? Individuals who have never shot a handgun before. You may have an interest in buying a gun, but don't know what type to get, or what the choices are. Time is a factor, and you find it hard to get to a formal class like those below. This is as short a cut as it gets.
Description: This is an "Intro to Pistols", for people with little or no experience with handguns. Class sizes are limited to 7, but are usually less. We meet at a private range, learn about safety, the mechanics, ammo, and the fundamentals of shooting, then spend an hour in supervised shooting. After one of these sessions, most people are able to pass the LTC Proficiency, if that is an interest for them. Even if not, it is a good benchmark.

If you are interested in the LTC, you should not take the Online version, as that requires finding a separate instructor to give you the range training, and that is very hard to schedule, and expensive. Our classes have both parts bundled together, at a discount.   ...more on pistol training

Texas License to Carry Class (LTC)

Who is this for? You want a Handgun License; you own a handgun, and already know how to load and shoot (if not, look further up the page).
Description: This course is one of the requirements for the Texas License to Carry. The classroom portion is about 4 hrs long, with a written test. The shooting proficiency test is done after class, and takes about 20 minutes. Getting the license from the state then takes 2-3 weeks.   ...more on handgun license

Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (Non-Resident)

Who is this for? You want a Concealed Carry License; you would like to do all the training online, at your convenience. You would rather not have to schedule a range session.
Description: The Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit is available to all U.S. citizens. It has an easier process than Texas, both in training and in qualification, but is fully recognized by Texas. Everything is done online.   ...more on Virginia license

Combo Class

Who is this for? You want a Concealed Carry License, but have little or no experience with a pistol. You could take the "Learn to Shoot" class first, but would like to do everything in one day, due to scheduling problems.
Description: This is an all day class (9-5). They are usually scheduled on Fridays, but on request, can be moved to another weekday. We do "Learn to Shoot" in the morning, go to lunch, and take the license class in the afternoon.   ...more on Combo

Intermediate Shooting Instruction

(Private Instruction)
Who is this for? You have already learned to shoot. You own a gun, know how to load/unload, aim and fire. You can hit the broad side of a barn, but would like to refine those skills somewhat. Sure, you can just practice more, but you know that there are tricks to becoming a marksman that are not intuitive, and will likely take you months, or even years to learn on your own. One private lesson will cost you less than the ammo you will save.
Description: This is a private session, scheduled whenever we can get together. We meet at a private range, test some gun-handling and safety skills, work with a laser pistol, then go over the entire shooting platform. You learn what helps or disturbs accuracy, and how to diagnose a problem. After practicing shot groups at increasing distance, we do some drills, like one-handed, weak-handed, double-taps, multiple bad guys, timed shooting, and (optionally) draw-and-fire.   ...more on intermediate/advanced handgun

Handgun Safety Course

Who is this for? You need a certificate to prove you have had a Handgun Safety Course
Description: This is an online course (46 minutes), with a short test. After passing the test, you can pay $50.00 by credit card, and print out the Certificate right away. During the test, be sure to indicate that you need the certificate only, so you get the right one.

Defensive Shooting

Who is this for? You are a reasonably experienced shooter, not a beginner, but not a competitive shooter. Most of your experience is at a commercial range, standing in one place, shooting at one target. You would like some more aggressive experience in tactical defensive shooting. You have, or will buy, a holster (minimum IWB is acceptable; OWB or shoulder preferred).
Description: Class size is 1-4. We meet at a private range, discuss the safety rules, then go through a series of drills of increasing difficulty, like rapid fire, draw-and-shoot, flash-picture and point-shooting, multiple targets, steel, timed drills, shooting on the move.   ...more on defensive shooting

Defensive Shotgun

Who is this for? You are interested in the ultimate home defense solution, where a high skill level is not required. Maybe your interest is on behalf of a wife or girlfriend who might not spend much time training with a handgun.
Description: This is usually a private session, scheduled whenever we can get together. We meet at a private range, learn about shotguns in general, but focusing on the tactical pump-action used by police. We cover safety, loading and unloading, the wide variety of ammo types available, and the ones commonly used, and practice with dummy rounds. Then on to the range, for live fire and combat reloading.   ...more on shotgun training

Intro to AR15

Who is this for? You are interested in America's favorite rifle, the AR15. You may have one already, and would like to better understand optics options, or how to clean it, or you may just be thinking about getting one, and are confused by the cost differential between models.
Description: This is usually a private session, scheduled whenever we can get together. We meet at a private range for some indoor training, then on to the range for live fire. This class includes an introduction to these rifles, operation, cleaning, and shooting, as well as sights and optical devices.   ...more on black rifles

School Active Shooter Training

Who is this for? Teachers, other employees of public/charter school systems, and corporate employees.
Description: Advanced training for people working in either a school or business setting. It includes identifying threats, active shooter training, barricading classrooms/offices, helping students escape, self-defense strategies with or without a firearm, combat mindset, and other topics.   ...more for Active Shooter

LEO Qualifications

Who is this for? Retired or Out-of-State Federal Officers.
Description: TCOLE Retired or Out-of-State Federal Officer Firearms Certificate.

Contact us directly for this.

Church Security Team Training

Who is this for? Church members or staff who volunteer for on-site security.
Description: Advanced marksmanship and gun-handling training for volunteer security at churches. Participants are required to already have a valid Texas LTC (CHL), a concealable handgun of suitable caliber, and a holster.
  ...more for Church Security

Ladies Training

Who is this for? Ladies interested in any of the above.
Description: As a general rule, we do not segregate classes; all are welcome in any class. However, sometimes it works out that several ladies have made contact, requesting a ladies class specifically. Frequently, there are other people wanting the same thing.   ...more for ladies

Online Completion

Who is this for? You have taken, or plan to take, the LTC course from some online provider.
Description: Some people are willing to pay more for the convenience of taking the LTC class online. In that case, there is additional training required by the State.  ...more for online
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