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Introduction to the AR15

America's Rifle

The AR15 is the most popular long gun in America, used not only for hunting, but especially as a home defense weapon. Sometimes referred to as a "Modern Sporting Rifle" or "black rifle", and incorrectly as an assault rifle, the AR15 does not refer to a specific make of rifle, but to what is called a "platform". With platform weapons, all examples, from all manufacturers, will be essentially identical, with the same controls located in the same places, the same break-down procedures, and the same features. Any differences will be largely cosmetic. The most common platform weapons are the 1911 handgun, the AR15 rifle, and the AK47 rifle.

The AR15 platform includes hundreds of models, made by dozens of manufacturers. While it looks similar to, and was derived from, the Viet Nam-era M16, it is not the same; the M16 is a full-automatic combat rifle (almost a submachine gun), while the AR derivatives are semi-automatic only, not unlike many deer rifles in common use. Unlike deer rifles, however, the AR family of rifles was designed to be customizable, with accessories like slings, long-range scopes, short-range scopes, reflex sights, red-dot sights, lasers, lights, forend grips, bipods, and the like. Since all AR platform rifles have attachment rails, the user can add and remove these devices at will, and there is a very active after-market business supplying these items.

Unlike the AK47, the AR15 is available in a variety of chamberings, including .223, 5.56 NATO, .308, .300 Blackout, 338 Lapua, and even .22. Due to the design of the gun, recoil is quite mild, at least until you get to .338. They are easy to use and clean, reliable, and accurate even at distances well over 200 yards.

This class includes an introduction to these rifles, operation, cleaning, and shooting, as well as sights and optical devices. Students will be able to shoot at 25 and 50 yards.

A rifle is provided for students not having one, in both .22 and .223.

After completion, attendees should have a good idea if this is a viable option for their home defense plan, and what features might drive that selection.

Length: 1.5 hrs
Cost: $80.00
(No range fee)

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