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Best Guns for Self Defense
How to Pick the Perfect Bug-Out Gun
Articles by Dr. Norman Wong
Backwoods Home Article Index
Personal Defense Network
The Basics of Gun Handling -- Sig Sauer Academy [Video]
Pistol Shooting Drill to Improve Accuracy -- Sig Sauer Academy [Video]
Student of the Gun
Women and Guns (for the ladies)

Self Defense

U.S. Concealed Carry Association
Tactics for Self Defense
Self Defense Ractics for Women (for the ladies)
Personal Defense Network
Defense Carry Forum
Learn About Guns
Pistol Drills
The Cornered Cat (for the ladies)
Black Guns Matter


Massad Ayoob: Deadly Force - Understanding Your Right to Self Defense (Recommended)
John Lott -- More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws
Robert Taubert: Rattenkrieg -- Close Quarters Battle Pistol
Stephen Halbrook: The Founders' Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms


Shooting Times
Shooting Illustrated
Gun Digest
Man at Arms
Guns and Ammo
Police Magazine

Shooting Sports

Project Appleseed: Classic Rifle Instruction + Revolutionary War History
A Girl and a Gun Shooting League (for the ladies)
Single Action Shooting Society

Gun News

Keep and Bear Arms
The Gun Mag
The Gun Wire
The Truth About Guns
Ammoland Gun News
Girls Just Wanna Have Guns
Guns Save Life


Gun Boards
Rimfire Central
CZ Forum
Smith & Wesson
Texas CHL Forum
Texas Gun Talk
Law Enforcement Forum
The Firing Line
Defensive Carry


John Lott Blog
Dr. Ron Martinelli, Criminologist
The Firearm Blog
The Survival Blog
The Tactical Professor
Shooting Tips and other miscellany

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