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Start the application at DPS. This can be done last, but it is better to do this first.

Note: one thing they ask for is an audit number. That is another long number printed (sometimes vertically) on the driver's license, and is not the same as the license number. Hover over the info icon for information. If you have applied for a new license recently due to an address change, you will not be able to finish this step until the new license comes in, as the audit number will be different.

During the application process (or by email), you will be shown a list of vendors where you can be fingerprinted. It is easier to schedule that at this time than later. Also, look at the Checklist they create for you. Depending on your situation, you may have more than one item to send to them.

STEP 2 (If you have already done this, or did it through another provider, skip to STEP 3)

Neither the application nor the fingerprints have to be done before this point.

Go to Online Course

You can break up the course over several days. After you finish, you will be able to download a form LTC-101 (DO NOT print this). Please forward that to me. Please try to finish it at least 24 hrs before the range training. I need an original, unsigned PDF. Download it (even on a phone), and forward to me. In the event you cannot start (or finish) the online course before the range day, come anyway. I can provide a special form for you. You will still have to do the online course before you can get the license.

STEP 3 (the day of class)

You will only be here for about an hour. There is a mandatory range training session, then the Proficiency test. You will need 100 rounds of ammo, and eyes and ears. If you buy ear protection, the electronic type is a great benefit.

If you need help finding ammo, contact me, or use this site: Ammo Seek

Directions to the range

This may seem like a long way, but it is actually closer than any other outdoor training facility in the area, and more private. From McKinney, it is a 35 minute drive. Because there is a lake in the way, there are several ways to get here, depending on your location. See the links below. There are no restrooms there.
If you are going South on Hwy 78, there is a convenience store at your turn onto CR 543.
If you are going North on Hwy 78, there are several places before your turn onto FM 6.

Map links from various locations:

Allen (37 min)

Aubrey (74 min)

Bells (47 min)

Blue Ridge (25 min)

Bonham (48 min)

Carrollton (46 min)

Celina (54 min)

Como (65 min)

Crossroads (62 min)

Euless (58 min)

Fairview (38 min)

Forney (44 min)

Frisco (49 min)

Garland (33 min)

Grand Prairie (53 min)

Greenville (30 min)

Howe (51 min)

Lavon (8 min)

Little Elm (54 min)

Lucas (24 min)

McKinney (35 min)

Melissa (49 min)

Mesquite (40 min)

Plano (35 min)

Princeton (22 min)

Prosper (51 min)

Quinlan (31 min)

Richardson (35 min)

Rockwall (20 min)

Sachse (23 min)

Sanger (77 min)

Savannah (59 min)

The Colony (50 min)

Tom Bean (44 min)

Van Alstyne (46 min)

Whitewright (41 min)

Wylie (17 min)

If your car has a navigation system, put in

17687 CR 537
Nevada, TX 75173

NOTE: if you go to the exact address shown above, you will be 50 yards past the range entrance gate.

In all cases, your last turn is onto CR 537. 4/10 mile after the turn, look for a white sign on the right with red letters: "Next Sign". 15 yds after that, another white sign with the red letters: "MFT". You won't see the gate until you miss it.

NOTE: I recommend long pants, tall socks, and tennis shoes or boots. We are in the country.

Items to bring:
  1. A handgun (any caliber) (unless you are renting a gun)
    • It should be one you have shot before. Be sure to clean and lube it. If it has had less than 200 rounds fired through it (semi-automatic only), it may be unreliable.
    • If your gun is tiny, like the Ruger LCP or S&W Bodyguard .380, you might want to rethink that. Unless you are very experienced with it, a gun that will go in your shirt-pocket is very hard to use for a test like this. Some people have failed this Proficiency shooting guns like that. However, you are certainly allowed to use it. There is a trick to firing a gun like that; ask me about it.
    • You may use a red-dot, but not a laser or scope. If it is hard to avoid using the laser, put a piece of tape over the lens.
    • One magazine is sufficient. Please don't preload anything. Pistols and all magazines should be unloaded until I give instructions.
    • If you find it difficult to load a magazine in a reasonable time by hand, you might want to get an UPLULA speed-loader and learn to use it. They are available at all gun stores, Cabela's, Gander Mountain, Academy, Bass Pro, and similar places. You will wonder how you ever got along without it. They are easy to use, but take about 2 minutes practice. I always have one in my range bag. In any event, please practice loading your magazine. It would be great if you are able to load a magazine in 30 seconds. That won't be tested, but other members of the class will appreciate it. You will be loading a magazine multiple times.
    • Holsters are not required.
    • Please do not bring a single-action .22 revolver (cylinder does not swing out). Those are unsafe in the context in which we will be shooting. If that is all you have, I will let you shoot my .22 semi-auto.
    • In any case, be prepared to fire 2 shots in 4 sec, 3 shots in 6 sec, and 5 shots in 10 sec.
    • You are expected to finish each string of fire when everyone else does. Shots not fired are lost, and may cause you to fail. In the real world, a gun that jams gets you killed.
  2. 100 rounds of the correct ammo for your gun, and preferably a good brand that you have used before. Some guns are ammo-sensitive, and will not reliably feed every brand of ammo. I have seen people have significant jamming issues with a brand they have not used before. If you have a backup gun or ammo, you might want to bring them. Let me know if you are unable to get ammo, and I can usually help.
  3. If possible, please try to avoid bringing a gun that has never been fired. Some guns need a break-in.
  4. Ear protection. Either the over-the-ear muff type, or ear plugs. I have extras.
  5. Eye protection. If you wear glasses that are shatter-proof (most commercial glasses are, now), AND are large enough to cover the entire eye socket, that will suffice. Otherwise, you should have shooting glasses. I have extras.
  6. A brimmed hat or baseball cap is advised. We will be outdoors. Ladies are advised to wear a top with a collar, as low necklines are attractive to hot shell casings.
  7. No open-toed shoes or sandals. Tennis shoes or boots are a good choice. If it has rained before class, expect to deal with some mud.
  8. Water

Note that, while passing the shooting test is only based on getting the minimum number of points on the target (175 out of 250), getting the license also requires the applicant to demonstrate safe handling, loading and unloading of a firearm. I will give instruction on that, but, for the safety of everyone concerned, anyone creating a safety hazard on the range may be pulled off the line, at the discretion of the instructor.

At the end of the day, if you have passed the Proficiency test, you will be given your signed Certificate of Training. Send that to Austin, or upload it to the DPS website (URL is on the Certificate). The checklist will show if you need to send any other documents (i.e., veterans need to send a copy of their DD-214).

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