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Non-Immigrant Aliens and Foreigners:
How to get a Texas Handgun License (License To Carry)

(Does not apply to Green Card holders)

Reference: Types of Visas

These instructions are valid both for legally buying a gun, and for getting a handgun license. Note: in order to get the handgun license, you have to already know how to load and shoot a pistol, and be prepared to take a shooting Proficiency test to prove it.

If you do not know how to shoot, register for "Learn to Shoot" first.

If you have a valid visa, have been in Texas for more than 3 months, have a Social Security number, and can read English sufficiently to take a written test over firearms law:

  1. Apply to the state for a Texas Driver's License.
  2. Go to any store that sells hunting licenses, and buy the one-year "General License".
  3. Apply to DPS for the License To Carry, and schedule fingerprinting.
  4. Register for the required training class (LTC class).

After successful completion of that class, you will need to submit the following documents to DPS in Austin:

  1. LTC-101 Certificate of Training (suplied by us).
  2. A copy of the visa page in your passport.
  3. A copy of your I-94 form, received when you arrived in the U.S.
  4. A copy of your Hunter's License.

Submit all documents to DPS by mail or upload, and wait. It takes several weeks.

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