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McKinney Concealed Carry Classes

Checklist for Obtaining a Handgun License

  • Have a gun, and know how to load and shoot
  • You would be surprised to find out how many people try to get this license when they don't even know how to hold a gun. The skill requirement is not high, but it is not zero; you will be asked to demonstrate your ability to safely handle, load, and shoot a handgun (any caliber). If you do not yet know how to shoot, we teach a "Learn to Shoot" class several times a month, which will get you up to speed quickly. Rental guns are available for this class, but you really should have your own for the LTC class, otherwise, what is the point? We prefer to only rent guns to students we have trained, or people who can document their experience (military or LEO). Experience has shown that most people who do not own a gun do not actually know how to operate one. People who take the "Learn to Shoot" class get a discount on the LTC class.

  • Check your eligibility
  • There are a few reasons you might be ineligible to get a handgun license, but in general, if you are a US citizen or legal resident alien, 21 or above, with no criminal record (except minor traffic tickets), no wants/warrants, no orders of protection against you, not addicted to drugs, and do not have a history of mental illness or domestic violence, you should be fine.

  • Apply to DPS for your license, and get fingerprinted
  • The Texas Dept of Public Safety handles the application processing, background checks, and license fees (separate from class fees). Start here for the application. During that process, you will be given a chance to schedule fingerprinting at a vendor near you. That vendor will submit the fingerprint data for you.

  • Sign up for an LTC class
  • The state-mandated training class takes about 4 hours to complete, followed by a short written test, and a shooting proficiency test. The class fee covers everything except ammo. Except for private classes, these are usually scheduled on a Saturday morning. This may be done before or after starting your application at DPS (previous item). Pick a date here.

  • Submit the Certificate of Training to the DPS
  • After completing the class and proficiency test, you will be given a Certificate of Training (LTC-100). Put that with any documents listed on your checklist (i.e., veterans need a DD-214), and mail it all to Austin. The address is on the checklist, or on the email. You can also scan all the documents into one PDF and upload it to the DPS website. The address for that is on the LTC-100.

  • Wait
  • Depending on the backlog, the wait can be 2-10 weeks, but more often 2-3.

Another option is to take the "Combo" crash-course. That is an all-day class, which may be just one or two students, which combines "Learn to Shoot" and LTC, and takes you from beginner to completing all requirements for the LTC in one day.

Plano CHL
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