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Don't Be Tricked By Online Classes

There are numerous Facebook ads that promise a Concealed Carry License just by filling out a form; no classroom, no tests, no shooting. These are not the Texas License to Carry, but a license from another state, like Utah or Virginia. In some cases, those are not even valid, and when they are, you would often have to explain to a cop why you live in Texas and have an out-of-state handgun license.

There is also, now, an official Texas procedure for taking the classroom course online. These courses are offered by companies who normally provide academic tutoring online, not pistol instructors. While this is valid, it will cost you a good bit more. The State assumes that people taking this route don't know how to shoot a gun, so after doing the course, you would have to find an actual pistol instructor who is certified by DPS, and you would have to go through a mandatory one hour of pistol training before the Proficiency, whether you need it or not. That results in a total cost of $50-60 more than a complete in-person class.

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