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Handgun Safety Test

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1. To avoid a negligent discharge:
  A. Load the gun backward.
  B. Handle the gun by the barrel.
  C. Protect the trigger from being touched.
  D. Use heavy bullets.
2. Two important rules of gun safety:
  A. Keep the gun loaded.
  B. Always point the gun in a safe direction.
  C. Keep your finger off the trigger.
  D. A & B
  E. B & C
3. It is OK to drink beer 30 minutes before shooting your gun.
  A. True.
  B. False.
4. If a child is in your home, the best place to leave your loaded gun is:
  A. In a desk drawer.
  B. On a closet shelf under sweaters.
  C. In a gun vault.
  D. In the garage.
5. For safety purposes, the gun handler should always:
  A. Keep the magazine out of the handgun until ready to fire.
  B. Keep bullets out of the magazine until ready to fire.
  C. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
  D. Keep your handgun in a safe at all times.
6. A gun that has not been fired for 30 days is probably unloaded.
  A. True.
  B. False.
7. The best type of ammo for self-defense is:
  A. Hollow point.
  B. Full Metal Jacket.
  C. Frangible.
  D. Subsonic.
8. If a gun fails to fire,
  A. Look in the barrel.
  B. Drop the magazine.
  C. Hold your position for 30 seconds.
  D. Rack the slide.
9. If you remove the magazine and it is empty, the gun is unloaded.
  A. True.
  B. False.
10. A Concealed Handgun Permit is valid in every state except:
  A. CA
  B. NY
  C. NJ
  D. This statement is false.
11. We stress practicing. When it comes to practice, which of these statements is true?
  A. Know your target, backstop, and beyond.
  B. Inspect your firearm and ammo prior to use.
  C. Keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  D. All of these statements are true.
12. The secret word is:
  A. AR-15
  B. Shotgun
  C. Bazooka
  D. Pistol
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