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Sandy Keathley Welcome to McKinney Firearms Training! I am Dr. Gilbert H. "Sandy" Keathley. I have helped over 2300 people get a Texas Concealed Handgun License (now called the LTC) over several years, in classes of 4-25, but the pandemic has changed how this needs to work now.
  • Are you confused on how to start this process?
  • Do you find gun ranges intimidating?
  • Have you been wanting to get your permit, but can't find the time?
For those people, we offer the Texas LTC Online. There is no need to block 5 hours of time to go to class. All the classroom training is done online, from your home, in about 4 hours, and you can do it over several days. After finishing the course, take the provided Certificate of Training to any DPS-Certified LTC Instructor (there are over 3000), and he/she will provide the range training and Handgun Proficiency required to finish your application. Their charges vary, but are typically between $30.00-50.00. If you do not know how to shoot, or don't have a handgun, those instructors can usually help out with that as well.

I provide you a discount for the course, and my online provider has a database of instructors in your area. If you live near Dallas, you might even get me!

Benefits of this process:
  1. All classroom instruction is done on your computer or phone.
  2. All instruction is done by an NRA- and DPS-Certified instructor.
  3. The written test is quite easy. If you should have trouble with it, you can take the test again for free.
  4. You schedule the range qualification at your convenience.


What is this training?
This 4-hour course covers Texas gun laws, handgun safety, non-violent dispute resolution, and safe gun storage.
Is this license good anywhere?
No, but Texas has an agreement with 34 states to accept their handgun license. It is valid in most of the U.S.
What is the cost?
This course is normally $60.00, but we provide you a discount code to get it for $45.00.


What is the process?

What is covered in the video course?

National Rifle Association
Range Safety Officer

Texas Concealed Handgun Association

Texas State Rifle Association

Second Amendment Foundation
25th Infantry Division Association

National Association for Gun Rights

USA Carry Registered Instructor
Plano CHL
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