Tactical Training

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Defensive Shooting

Primarily for somewhat intermediate shooters, this is an introduction to Tactical Training, and is offered usually in groups of 1-4. Most people who own a handgun practice at commercial ranges (which usually disallow holsters), standing in one spot, shooting at one target from a ready position, and using slow, deliberate fire to maximize marksmanship. While this is a necessary step in your development, it does little good when you are faced with an armed carjacker in a parking garage.

This course is taught entirely at a private outdoor range SE of Princeton. Students draw and fire at FBI targets, do rapid-fire and timed drills for marksmanship, shoot at multiple targets, and reload during timed drills. Students will also learn flash-picture acquisition. The goal is to maximize speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Most civilians respond poorly in a crisis situation, because they have not trained enough to have muscle-memory instincts. Changes in adrenalin levels and blood pressure will cause fine motor skills to dissipate, leaving only muscle-memory between you and disaster. This course is intended to give you the tools and confidance to develop those instincts.

Participants should have the following equipment:

* Handgun (semi or revolver) (any caliber) (longer barrel is better)
* Holster (OWB or IWB) (not required)
* 2 magazines (semi) or speedloader (revolver)
* 100 rounds of ammo

Length: 1.5 hrs
Cost: $80.00 (No range fee)

Optional module: Duress Training (Active Shooter). Add $20.00, 30 minutes, and 63 rounds.