Shotgun Training

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Shotgun 101

The most lethal weapon it is legal for civilians to own, the Tactical Shotgun (Riot Gun) is relatively easy to use, requires little skill, and provides maximum effectiveness against home intruders. With the right choice of weapon, you can fire a wide variety of loads, including flashbang, birdshot, rubber shot, pepper spray, rubber slugs, buckshot, slugs, or steel darts. Low-recoil ammo is available to mitigate recoil.

Students may bring a shotgun, or use one we provide, which will be a commonly used law enforcement type pump-action shotgun. Ammo is supplied. Class size is limited.

The course includes four main sections:
  1. General introduction to shotguns of all types and gauges (but focusing on the pump-action), including features especially desireable for defensive use. Types of ammo are covered, as well as loading/unloading, barrels, and chokes.
  2. Emergency (Tactical and Combat) reloading techniques, and utilizing the workspace properly.
  3. On the range, safely loading, mounting, and firing the shotgun, using the magazine, then doing so using Combat reloads. Different loads may be used.
  4. In a crisis, using the shotgun in a non-lethal manner to gain an advantage.

After completion, attendees should have a good idea if this is a viable option for their home defense plan, what type of shotgun would suit their purpose, and what features might drive that selection.

Length: 1.5 hrs
Cost: $75.00 (No range fee) (Ammo is provided)