Pistol Training

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Learn to Shoot

This class is suitable for absolute beginners, but also for people who have shot just a little, but are still not comfortable with it, or who plan to take the LTC (CHL) class and need to learn to shoot first.

Class sizes are usually limited to 7, but may be smaller. We meet at a private range, spend some time indoors learning the safety rules, how guns work, ammo types, action types, and the fundamentals of shooting, then go on the range and shoot. Your experience is closely supervised with safety and success in mind.

If you don't have your own handgun, we can provide guns and a selection of ammo for $25.00. You will get to try several guns in different calibers, often including .380, 9mm, .45, and snub-nosed revolver.

If you are bringing your own gun, please bring 50 rounds of ammo as well.

Students taking this class also qualify for a discount on the License to Carry (LTC) class, if that is their interest.

Length: 3 hrs
Cost: $75.00 (No range fee)
Private session: add $10.00

Intermediate Shooting Instruction (Private Instruction)

For those who already know how to load, fire, and clear their gun, this live-fire pistol instruction is intended to fine-tune your skills. Attention is given to the complete shooting platform:

* foot position
* stance
* arm position
* grip
* eye dominance
* sight picture
* breathing control
* trigger control
* follow-through

Close-in targets (3-yd) are used to determine the difference between Point-of-Aim and Point-of-Impact, and targets further out (5-10 yds) are used to work on achieving shot groups.

Weather permitting, training is given at our private outdoor range NE of McKinney.

Length: approx 1 hour
Cost: $65.00 (One person) (Range fee is included; you must supply your own handgun and ammo)

contact us directly for this.

Defensive Shooting

Primarily for somewhat intermediate shooters, this is an introduction to Tactical Training, and is offered usually in groups of 1-4. Most people who own a handgun practice at commercial ranges (which usually disallow holsters), standing in one spot, shooting at one target from a ready position, and using slow, deliberate fire to maximize marksmanship. While this is a necessary step in your development, it does little good when you are faced with an armed carjacker in a parking garage.

This course is taught entirely at a private outdoor range NE of McKinney. Students draw and fire at FBI targets, do rapid-fire and timed drills for marksmanship, shoot at multiple targets, shoot from concealment, and reload during timed drills. Students will also learn flash-picture acquisition. The goal is to maximize speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Most civilians respond poorly in a crisis situation, because they have not trained enough to have muscle-memory instincts. Changes in adrenalin levels and blood pressure will cause fine motor skills to dissipate, leaving only muscle-memory between you and disaster. This course is intended to give you the tools and confidance to develop those instincts.

Participants should have the following equipment:

* Handgun (semi or revolver) (any caliber) (longer barrel is better)
* Holster (OWB [preferred], IWB, Shoulder)
* 2 magazines (semi) or speedloader (revolver)
* 150 rounds of ammo

Cost: $75.00 (One person) (Range fee is included; you must supply your own handgun and ammo)

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Combo Class

This is an all-day crash course that takes you from absolute beginner with a handgun, to completing qualification for a License to Carry (LTC). While available for individuals, it is also suitable for family groups. They are usually scheduled on Fridays, but on request, can be moved to another weekday.

We go from 9-4 (negotiable), learn all about handguns in the morning session (including shooting), take the LTC Proficiency, then go to lunch. After lunch, we do the classroom training for the license, and the written test. Most people do not have trouble completing all requirements that day, but if you do, I work with you until you can. It is not that difficult.

Deposit: $50.00
Addl Costs: $200.00 per person, ($150.00 if you provide gun/ammo) due at class.
State fees: $50.00 per person for background check and fingerprinting, paid to the State.

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