Pistol Training for Women

Women are now the biggest demographic for both pistol training and concealed carry classes. Why is that? Probably because the family demographic has changed. There are now more women living alone than ever before, either as singles, or as single parents, and they know they need a "Plan B" in case of emergency. As population density grows, there are more home invasions, burglaries, and car-jackings than ever before. Women, of course, are also often victims of stalking, date rape, assault, and domestic abuse. It is true that the odds are against these happening to you, but they happen to someone every day. Most police officers go their whole career without using their gun, but a gun is like a parachute; if you ever need one and don't have one, you'll probably never need one again.

Increasingly, women are seeking to empower themselves, to take home safety measures, and learn how to protect themselves, to prevent rape and violent crime. Many are taking judo, or boxing, and gun ownership among women is up 77% since 2005. The drawback to judo and boxing is that they require more physical (or psychological) assertiveness than some women might want to muster. A handgun levels the playing field, although it is sometimes intimidating in other ways.

women in class We understand that dynamic, and welcome ladies into our classes. You will never be treated as less capable of learning handgun usage than anyone else. It is simply different.

However, it is worth noting that women require some special attention. Because of differences in internal physiology, women will tend to balance differently, and lean back while shooting. Some women have smaller hands and wrists than others, and may find that the grips of some guns do not fit right, or some slides are difficult to rack. Choosing the right gun can make all the difference, and an instructor can help with that.
Learn to Shoot:$70.00
Introduction to Pistols:$
Texas LTC (License to Carry) Class:$75.00

We operate a private range/classroom complex a few miles NE of McKinney.

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