LTC Eligibility

Each applicant must determine for themselves their eligibility to obtain a Handgun License (LTC). Please review eligibility requirements closely before registering, as we cannot be responsible for this. The DPS makes the final determination on these matters. If you need to speak to a DPS representative about an eligibility issue, call 512-424-7293 from 8-5 M-F.

A person is eligible for a License To Carry if the person:

1. is a legal resident of Texas (including Green Card holders)

2. is at least 18 years of age

3. has never been convicted of a violent felony

4. has not been convicted of a non-violent felony within the last 10 years

5. has not been convicted of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor within the last 5 years

6. is not currently charged with the commission of a felony, Class A or Class B misdemeanor, or equivalent offense, or an offense under Sec. 42.01 of the penal Code (Disorderly Conduct) or equivalent offense

7. is not a fugitive from justice for a felony or Class A or Class B misdemeanor

8. is not chemically dependant (a person with two convictions within the ten year period preceding the date of application for offenses (Class B or greater) involving the use of alcohol or a controlled substance is ineligible as a chemically dependant person. Other evidence of chemical dependency may also make an individual ineligible for a Texas CHL)

9. is not incapable of exercising sound judgement with respect to the proper use and storage of a handgun

10. has not, in the five years preceding the application, been convicted of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor, or an offense under Section 42.01 of the Penal Code (Disorderly Conduct) or equivalent offense

11. is fully qualified under applicable federal and state law to purchase a handgun

12. has not been finally determined to be delinquent in making child support administered or collected by the attorney general

13. has not been finally determined to be delinquent in the payment of a tax or other money collected by the comptroller, state treasurer, tax collector of a political subdivision, Alcohol Beverage Commission or any other agency or subdivision

14. is not currently restricted under a court protective order subject to a restraining order affecting a spousal relationship

15. has not, in the 10 years preceding the date of application, been adjudicated as having engaged in delinquent conduct violating a penal law in the grade of felony

16. has not made any material misrepresentation, or failed to disclose any material fact, in an application submitted pursuant to Section 411.174 or in a request for application submitted pursuant to Section 411.175

If your felony was resolved by Deferred Adjudication, it may be possible to petition the court for an Order of Non-Disclosure (which would hide that charge from a background check), or request an Early Termination of Probation. In all cases, consult an attorney.

If you are a non-immigrant-alien, read here.

If you were not born in the U.S., you will have to supply one of these documents:

* Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
* Certificate of U.S. Naturalization
* U.S. Permanent Resident Alien Card
* U.S. Passport
*.U.S. Visa, Arrival/Departure Record, and a hunting license

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