The Shortcut: Beginner to Licensed-to-Carry

The goal: you have any of several reasons to be licensed to carry a personal firearm.

The problem: you have never shot a handgun.

The solution: follow one of these shortcut paths:

Texas License to Carry
  1. Verify your eligibility for a handgun license.

  2. Take our "Learn to Shoot" class. These are held twice a month at a private range. Classes are generally 1-7 people. You can pay a fee into the ammo pool and shoot 3-4 guns of different sizes and calibers, or bring your own gun and ammo. These classes are usually scheduled about a week before an LTC class.

  3. Sign up for an LTC class. While I do hold a strict training standard, no one under my instruction has ever failed to get the license. That's over 2700 people.

  4. Either right before or right after the class, start your application at DPS and schedule finger printing at the same time.

  5. Done.


Take our Combo crash-course. That is an all-day class, and will take you from absolute beginner with a handgun to completing qualification for the LTC, all in one day.


Virginia License (fully recognized in Texas)
  1. Watch a Handgun Safety video online (free).
  2. Take the short online test. There is no range training required.
  3. Pay for and print out your Certificate of Training, and download the other forms provided.
  4. Get fingerprinted.
  5. Mail everything to the VA State Police.
  6. Wait.

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