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This condensed course combines "Learn to Shoot" (basic/beginner pistol) with all the requirements for the Texas License to Carry. Due to the pandemic, I am currently doing this only for a few individuals at a time.

Start the application at DPS. This can be done first or last, but most people do it first. Use the link provided during registration.

Cost: $40.00 + $10.00

Neither the application nor the fingerprints have to be done before this point. Go to our partner website, enter the provided discount code, and take the required classroom portion online, at your own pace. At the conclusion, you will be given a Certificate of Training (PDF). Send that to me.

Cost: $45.00


We meet at my range for an introduction to handguns, how they are different, safety rules, features, how they work, choosing ammo, and the fundamentals of shooting. Then we go on the range and practice. When I think you are ready, we do the shooting test (Proficiency) required by the State. It is not that hard, with proper training. I have a good track record for getting people through this step in about 3 hrs.

Cost: $175.00 (guns and ammo provided) or $105.00 if you provide them.

The range is 30 minutes East of McKinney. The directions are here:

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