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Reasons Why an In-Person LTC Class is Better Than an Online Class

  • You will learn more.  Some people afraid of tests, and think they can pass easier by taking screen-shots of every screen, and referring to them during the test. In reality, you don't need to take the class at all to pass the test. It is intentionally easy, and most people can pass it on common sense alone. Out of almost 2000 students, I have only had one person fail it who spoke English. Studies show that people learn more, and retain it longer, when they can ask questions and participate in class discussions.

  • It will take less time.  After taking the online class, people often spend 2-3 weeks tracking down an instructor who will do the range training (most won't), and getting a time. Someone told me they called six places. A proper in-person class will have everything done the same day.

  • It will cost less.  When you do find an instructor, he won't do it for the price you were promised. It is already a loss, with little benefit to the instructor.
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McKinney CHL/LTC Handgun License Classes serving McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Plano, Prosper, Princeton, Anna, Melissa, Collin County Texas

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